From the very beginning, relying solely on their own means in purchasing the instruments (in the first 11 years all the earnings from their concerts were used exclusively to purchase the appropriate instruments), the ensemble is able today to perform the major part of musical heritage of Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque on replicas of preserved original period instruments. Replicas, made in well-known and best workshops of European craftsmen, represent in best and truest manner the lavish instrumentation of ancient times and the musical treasures of Europe in the period from 12th to 18th century. “RENAISSANCE” uses full range of string instruments: several troubadour vielles, rebecs, fiddles and violas da gamba (from soprano to bass). There are also two original Baroque violins from 17th century. Pluck instruments include medieval, Renaissance and Baroque lutes, a vihuela, psaltery, medieval harp and hurdy-gurdy. Their collection of wind instruments is also extraordinarily rich and variegated. A large number of recorders and traverso flutes, in all sizes (from the smallest to the largest) and of all types (medieval, Renaissance and Baroque), the total number of which exceedes forty instruments. Among medieval instruments special mention should be made of gemshorn (cow horn) from soprano to bass, medieval shawms, trumpets and Glastonberry pipe. Their collection of 16th century wind instruments is just as rich and varied. The ensemble has complete families - consorts, such as: crumhorns (from soprano to bass in C), cornemuse (from soprano to bass), rauschpfeifen (from soprano to tenor), sackbut (alto, tenor, bass), cortholt, ranquette, dulcian, soprano and alto shepherd's shawm, soprano and tenor cornetts, serpent, soprano and alto pommers. With regard to keyboard instruments it is worth mentioning a spinet and a portative organ. The instruments used to perform traditional music of Serbia, Balkans, Middle and Far East include pipes, ocarinas, cavals, bagpipes, zurlas, lieritza, baglama, tzouras, sargija, saz, Chinese gong, Chinese traverso flute, Chinese violin, Chinese bells and Manchurian tambour. Percussion instruments inlcude tabor, tapan, bendir, def, daire, bells…  

ENSEMBLE INSTRUMENTS In comparison with many early music ensembles from Europe and the world, one could justly say that “RENAISSANCE” posses one of the richest, most luxurious and diverse collection of musical instruments - replicas of medieval and Renaissance instruments