MIOMIR RISTIC graduated cello from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (studies in the class of Prof. Stanislav Apolin, and the diploma exam in the class of Prof. Francoise Jakoveic). From 1971 to 1973 he was a member of the Academic Chamber Ensemble (conductor Dušan Skovran), and since 1972 he has been a full time member of the Symphonic Orchestra of Belgrade Radio and TV. For over 20 years he has sung old Serbian and Byzantine chants in the ensemble of singers of Pavle Aksentijevic. In addition to music his interests are tennis, swimming, skiing, trekking on Zlatibor, Tara, Kopaonik, Šar-planina, Durmitor and Prokletije. On the sailing boat “Balena” of the “evil capetain Aljoša” he sailed across the Adriatic, the Ionian and the Aegean seas, dived in the Adriatic, and in his 44th year of life passed the exam for a junior diver. He participated in building three “Rtanj” houses on Kopaonik. He did not manage to dive down to a galley 100 meters deep, to publicly play at least one of Bach suites for solo cello, to build a violin, to fly paraglider (when he had a chance, they didn't have a paraglider for persons whose weight is over 100 kg), to read all the books he had bought… DRAGAN MLA?ENOVIC studied conducting at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in the class of Prof. Dušan Skovran and classical philology at the Faculty of Philosophy, also in Belgrade. When in the summer of 1968 he brought early music scores from Prague and instruments from Vienna, it was the birthdate of early music in the Balkans.

He attended advanced courses in the performance of early music on historic instruments, musicology or early music, conducting and rehearsal of small and large ensembles in Switzerland (1970), FR Germany (1969, 1971, 1972, 1973), Austria (1974, 1975, 1980) and in Great Britain (1976). With singers society RUKOVET, which he founded in the honour of “Two Centuries of Vuk” in 1987, he performed in Italy (1987), Holland (1988), Hungary (1990), Cyprus (1992) and released several audio tapes with the blessings of Serbian Patriarch Paul: “Service to St. Sava”, “Christ Is Arisen”, “Serbian Christmas”, “Vidovdan” (“St. Vitus Day”), “Reunion of Holy Serbs”, “Serbian Chanting in Sarajevo”, CDR “Holy Liturgy”, “Holy Serbia”, “Chilandar Words”, as well as interactive CD's “2000th Birthday of Our Lord” and “Serbian Chants”. Dragan Mladjenovic has been awarded Golden Badge of the Ministry of Culture (1990), Plaque “Mokranjac Days” (1990), the Karadjordjevic Charter (1996) and Plaque “White Angel” (1999). For years he been persistently stating that traffic jams, especially during the rush hours, are the reason for him being late for rehearsals so often. Since 1966 he has been nicknamed “Shakespeare”, because at a school performance he was so suggestive and convincing in playing the role of Hamlet, that it made Alex the Penguin exclaim “Here's Shakespeare!”. LJUBOMIR DIMITRIJEVIC graduated from the Academy of Music in Belgrade in 1973 in the class of Prof. Jakov Srejovic, where he also completed his post-graduate studies in 1976. As a flutist he began his concert activities in 1972. He performed at more than 1,200 concerts all over ex-Yugoslavia, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, and Great Britain. He cooperated with ensembles Pro Musica, Academic