VELJKO NIKOLIC completed the Elementary Music School in Banja Luka and then came to Belgrade (1984). Since then he has been playing jazz and a jazz and rock fussion. In 1974 with Sr?an Aleksia Frapareg he founded the cult group “Institute”, which cultivates experiment, synthetic and exotic kind of music. In this ensemble Nikolia, better known as Papa Nick, plays numerous percussion and melodic instruments, and even sings a little. In 1986 he graduated architecture from the University of Belgrade. Through his musical activities in various ensembles and with well known and lesser known musicians, Papa Nick has acquired great artistic experience. He has performed in USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In the 1980s he gathered a group of black African students and performed with them in the Museum of African Arts in Belgrade african ritual music on original instruments. Papa Nick is collaborating regularly with pianist Miloš Petrovic with whom he recorded and released several CD's. In “RENAISSANCE”, on the percussions Papa Nick finds his optimal artistic expression in the music of Middle Ages, where for this group of instruments there are no written records. Of particular interest is his way of playing goch or tupan (somewhere tapan), an instrument which is usually depicted together with the zurla in many Serbian and Byzantine medieval wall paintings. Papa Nick has his followers with whom he is building a symbolic city in the forest, as a place of his workshops. His interests include art, architecture, archeology and pilgrimages. He likes flea markets a lot and is using PC