GEORGES GRUJIC graduated from the Academy of Music in Belgrade in 1970 in the class of Prof. Ivan Turšic. From 1975 to 1979 he led the Early Instruments Orchestra, at the elementary school in Drazevac, with which he achieved notable successes (concerts, TV performances, concert in Vienna in 1979). The repertoire of the Orchestra included works by Renaissance masters and at the time was named “Little Renaissance”. Since 1979 he has been solo bassoonist in the Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet at the National Theatre in Belgrade. He cooperated with Goran Bregovic (concerts, recordings, films, CD). From 1994 he performed with the Spanish ensemble “Estampida” at “Medieval Fairs” under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry of Culture. He also performs with Teofilovic brothers, playing on traditional instruments. Drives a bike and enjoys swimming.